New poems!

New poems are out into the world!

Three poems are out in the world. First, Small Tragedies & Synesthesia were published by Blackberry Magazine.

Then, Song of the Dead appears at Luna Luna Magazine, along with a writing statement. I’ve never been asked why I write before, and if I have, I always said because I have to, because I can’t imagine NOT writing. I’ve also said I write because I cannot paint; I just envy those who can express their artistic selves without the use of words. However, this is the best and most honest answer I’ve given so far, so there you go, I write because I must.

Other pieces are forthcoming soon; the poem Daisies & Death will be out soon from Diverse Voices Quarterly, and a short cnf piece, Sleeping with Hyenas, will be out this fall from The Bitter Oleander Press.

I think now is the time to actually publish the first book of poems, no?

Happy readings.

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