Textile Poetry

Sewing a Poetry Chapbook

Some poems from my upcoming chapbook, BEHIND WALLS & GLASS, were transposed into textile format. It started as a way to give another form of life to the poems, an attempt to immortalize them beyond the white page.

The poems are drawn in cursive at first, penciled in tight muslin cloth. Then they are sewn with translucent red thread, and finally framed. This process has taught me to appreciate my most minimalist poems (which are quite rare), and eased the “kill your darlings” phase. Here is a sample of the poem Water from the chapbook:

The most difficult part of the textile series was choosing which ones to immortalize in needle and thread first, while reassuring my writer self into thinking that these poems do not belong to me as a writer, they do not belong to the mind that produced them, the hand that wrote them, they do not belong because that was the only way to give them life elsewhere.

It was also imperative that I have finished & polished poems and for once, I did not have any reason to keep poems hidden for years before they were sent out to see the light of the day.

Or of the bleeding thread.

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